General terms of sale :

  • Organised sight seeing tours with a stopover of one hour.
  • This stop over is imposed by a ministerial decree, for any circular flight from the heliport of Paris. The purpose of this stopover is to limit the helicopters movements and to reduce the pollutions noise (for the local residents).
  • Organised sight seeing tours take place every Saturdays and Sundays in scheduled dates.
  • Reservations by phone( +33 6 01 70 80 45) can be made from Monday to Friday from 9 :00 am to 6.00 pm otherwise our web site with on-line reservation is at your disposal H24
  • The departures of the sight-seeing tours will be from our private terminal Heli Paris, at the heliport of Paris, at 23, rue Henry Farman, 75015 Paris.
  • Sight seeing tours have preestablished schedules – passengers will have to appear 30 minutes before the schedule of their circuit with their identities current validity – indeed within the vigi-pirate plan, an identity check will be made by the team of the brigade of the aeronautical police of the heliport of Paris.
  • A parking lot of 5 spaces is at your disposal at the Heliport of Paris.
  • Flying over the city of Paris is strictly forbidden, helicopters borrow predefined transits which circculate around Paris but allow to have an amazing view all around the capital with its monuments.
  • Children without parent can travel only from 11-12 years old. There is no limit age, but the children of less than 6 years old do not appreciate generally the flight, and could disturb the flight of the other passengers.
  • The reduced mobility people must be indicated, every handicap will be individually treated. The very old people can participate in the flight if they are enough valid to rise and come down from the device (by means of a hostess). The holds of the helicopter do not allow to take of wheelchair, and the people really disabled will have to envisage a privatized flight because the hostess cannot carry only a passenger in the machine.
    The maximum weight authorized by passenger is of 120kg, however these particular cases must be also indicated, because a single person in overweight will be admitted on every flight
  • Sight seeing tours are made by a Squirrel AS355 bi-turbine, of a capacity of 5 passengers and the pilot ( 1 passenger in front and 4 in the back).
  • We cannot guarantee the place in the front to somebody, however we can let the message to the hostess, so she/he can do the best to try to place such or such passenger in front on the flight to go or the return flight.


Booking terms :

  • The reservation of the sight seeing tours will be definitive once the payment is made for a 6 months validity from april 2020.
  • A bought ticket is not refundable and has a 6 months validity from april 2020.
  • Ticket cannot be modifiable or exchangeable – however ticket can be granted to another person if the carrier person of the ticket has one hitch with its agreement, and the person will have to supply address and phone number of the concerned person.
  • After the purchase of the ticket of the organised trip, and once your determined date, a personalized “Flying Pass” will be delivered to you.
  • Gift voucher : it is possible to offer an organised trip for one person of your choice.
    We can return to the person of your choice a gift voucher for a duration of 6 months from april 2020, except opposite mention validated by the operation service HELIPARIS by telephone during the purchase confirmation. It is up to the beneficiary of the gift voucher to contact Heliparis in this deadline to program the flight, otherwise the service will be considered as lost.
    Your guest will have only to contact Heliparis by telephone or can connect to our website to validate his reservation.
  • 2 months before the Requested delivery date of validity ticket, a reminder e-mail will be sent to you.
  • 2 days before the flight, a text and an e-mail of reminder will be sent to you to remind you the date and the schedule of your flght.


Payment terms :

The payment of the service must be made before any reservation of a date / hour, by on-line Bank card on our web site totally secured and protected according to the current law and in our office payment by cash or bank card.


General conditions of cancellation :

  • If the weather conditions were not favorable and did not allow to make the flight in complete safety the day of your reservation the flight will be cancelled and postponed.
    Indeed, weather reports do not allow to anticipate the flight in advance. Ticket « flying pass » will be put back at a later date (independently of their validity date).
    The cancellation will be informed you as soon as possible, the day before or 2 hours before the flight by text and e-mail.