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The company

Heliparis company is a brand of HELIFIRST company.
The Civil Aviation Authorities of France have granted to our company, HELIFIRST, the following certificates for operations within France, Europe or worldwide :
– Public Transport Certificate N° F-SE 075 for passengers transportation,
– Approval Certificate N°FR. 145.294 for maintenance and technical follow-up of our aircraft.


Concerning the Liability-combined single limit :
Comply with EC Regulation 785/2004 of 21.04.2004.
Comply with EC Regulation EC 2027/97 amended by CE 889/2002 on air carrier liability.
Liability War and Allied risks as per AV52E.


All trips have stop over, this stop over is imposed by a ministerial decree, for any circular flight from the heliport of Paris. The purpose of this stopover is to limit the helicopters movements and to reduce the pollutions noise (for the local residents).